The foresight of organisations to analyse security risks which could impact upon their critical assets ahead of time allows the creation of a cohesive security strategy that provides clarity and direction in regard to the critical elements of the security risk management framework.

SGW provide a comprehensive portfolio of Security consultancy services – which can be defined as “the protection of the health of the population, the built environment and infrastructure against terrorism, sabotage and crime by the application of engineering and scientific principles”.

With an ever increasing accumulation of comprehensive security measures available in today’s society, unbiased expert knowledge is essential to ensure that electronic, manpower and physical security solutions are being used to their full potential and all risks within a business are identified and mitigated effectively and efficiently.

Underpinned by broad experience and specialist skills, characterised by clear objectivity and freedom from bias, SGW deliver and support clients internationally. Regardless of project size and complexity, our aim is to provide a seamless integrated solution that is innovative yet proven in its approach to emerging technologies and threats.

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